Parenting is the hardest job, and the one we want to do the best.

Look no further check out this online, easy to navigate, do in your own time, at your own pace with support from a counsellor.

  • Is parenting your children causing you stress,anxiety and sometimes anger?

  • Are your children's problem behaviours getting the better of you?

  • Are you still looking for that parenting manual or looking for ways to improve your parenting?

Imagine if life is like this:

  • Peace is restored in your home

  • No more sibling fighting

  • Building a relationship with your child where they want to cooperate with you

  • Becoming a calm and confident parent

  • Eliminating unacceptable behaviours and entitled attitudes

  • Having a fair and respectful environment for everybody at home

  • Addressing misbehaviours constructively

What is included in the course

  • A computer based program with 8 chapters and each chapter has up to five lessons


    All you need is a computer, desktop or laptop or a tablet with online access to enable you to complete this course.

  • Audio files


    All chapters are also available on audio so on the go learning is possible. Some people prefer to listen rather then read material so this audio access is for you.

  • Introduction on video for each chapter


    Each chapter has a video introduction to each section

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Introduction

    2. chapter1- Audio version

    3. Short video presentation about the course

    1. Lesson 1 It takes a village

    2. Lesson 2 Your parents

    3. Lesson 3 Parenting styles

    4. Lesson 4 How to be an assertive parent

    5. Lesson 5 Self Care

    6. Additional information

    7. Chapter 2 quiz

    1. Short video introduction to this chapter

    2. Lesson 1 Four basic ingredients to building a positive relationship

    3. Lesson 2 Communication

    4. Lesson 3 Self Esteem and Cooperation

    5. Lesson 4 Healthy ways of loving

    6. Lesson 5 Adlerian Concepts

    7. Chapter 3 Quiz

    1. Video Introduction to chapter 4

    2. Lesson 1 What is misbehaviour?

    3. Lesson 2 The 4 C's

    4. Lesson 3 Goals of Misbehaviour

    5. Lesson 4 Positive discipline

    6. Lesson 5 Effective Discipline and how to do it

    7. Top 5 challenging behaviours and how to manage them

    8. Chapter 4 Quiz

    9. Additional handouts

    1. Lesson 1 Natural and Logical Consequences, what does it mean?

    2. Lesson 2 Examples of these consequences

    3. Chapter 5 Quiz

    1. Lesson 1 Problem solving

    2. Lesson 2 Time out -the positive way

About this course

  • £149.00
  • 36 lessons

Become a more effective parent, starting today